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Gaining Strength Builds Confidence for Women (published January, 2018)
Gaining strength and getting physically fit helps women build mental and emotional confidence. This article also features women who participate in the new workout growing in popularity, Pole Fitness.

The Force is Strong with the Women of “The Last Jedi” (published January, 2018)
The Last Jedi gave us the most women we have ever had the pleasure of viewing in a Star Wars film. I discuss them and why they are important.

Krysten Ritter Impresses with Debut Novel “Bonfire” (publishing November, 2017)
Proof you can do it all! Actress, knitter, musician, and novelist Krysten Ritter writes an exciting mystery novel, and my article shows that the success of the book is not just due to her famous name.

Murder on the Orient Express: Reboot Done Right (published November, 2017)
Hollywood nails it with this reboot of a classic novel-turned-film, Murder on the Orient Express.

Thor: Ragnarok: The Cure for Superhero Fatigue (published November, 2017)
In which I suggest Thor: Ragnarok may be Marvel’s best movie yet.

Characters Make Stranger Things 2 a Success (published November, 2017)
Old friends and new frenemies make Stranger Things 2 awesome! And my article doesn’t spoil the season finale, you know, in case you STILL haven’t watched it.