Wings by Aprilynne Pike

I don’t even know where to begin with this…story (I hesitate to even call it a book). Hang on, yes I do. WHY is this book called Wings if the “thing” growing out of Laurel’s back is a flower and she can’t fly?! This bothered me more than almost anything else in this book, and A LOT of things bothered me.

Ugh I can’t believe I read this entire book. Maybe I kept hoping it would start making sense? I should have given up as soon as the main character figured out she was a plant. A PLANT! A walking, talking, human-shaped PLANT, who has of course the perfect looks, blonde hair, doesn’t need to eat anything ever. What? First of all, that’s not how plants work. And I don’t mean the obvious part – walking, talking – I mean the getting “food” part. Plants don’t eat peaches for sustenance. At least not in any science class I’ve ever taken. Pretty sure they need roots for that sort of thing, which a walking plant would not have. Additionally, I have read quite a few things about faerie lore, and while yes they are always associated with plants, they aren’t walking talking plants. Allow me to reiterate: UGH!

And another thing. How convenient that for these people-shaped-plant-things, “sex is just for fun.” A detail which, by the way, had NOTHING WHATSOEVER to do with the plot. Which to be honest there wasn’t much of to begin with… I mean, this could have been a cool story with Laurel’s family owning the land with the Gate to Faerie, and needing to brainwash a changeling to try to protect it. If the faeries weren’t, ya know, PLANTS! I wanted desperately to enjoy that plot arc. I even tried to talk myself into getting over the whole plant thing. (PLANTS!!) But alas. The rest of the story was driven by a ridiculous love triangle. I can’t handle female characters whose love triangle consists of them literally flirting with two men (males? what do you call a outrageously good-looking boy plant?) at the same time. In the same car. So within like 5 feet of each other. And they’re both madly in love with her even though they barely know her. Guess it helps when you’re really really ridiculously good looking, huh? No one cares that you’re a plant-person that doesn’t bleed. I can’t believe I just typed that sentence.

I wouldn’t recommend this book. Choose a better piece of faerie literature instead. Sorry. I don’t usually write such negative reviews because I know there is a real live person out there who wrote the book and whose feelings would be hurt if they read it. But I just can’t find anything redeeming about this one. Maybe the next one in the series will be better? I won’t be reading it, but hey if it is, someone let me know.

May harmony find you.


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