The Man with the Golden Torc by Simon R. Green

man with golden torc coverEddie Drood truly believes in his family’s cause: that for centuries, they have protected the world from all sorts of supernatural and other-worldly evil that would otherwise take over the planet. Every member of the Drood family does something for the cause, from research and developing new weapons to actually traveling the world fighting bad guys. Eddie, a field agent, is one of the very few family members who doesn’t live in the well-protected family compound.  So when the Matriarch declares him rogue and the rest of the family starts determinedly trying to kill him, he must turn to his former enemies to stay alive and find out what’s happened inside his family that has made them turn against their own.

I read a few of Green’s Nightside books and while I didn’t particularly love that world, I did like his writing. I was looking for the next Nightside book at the library when I came across The Man with the Golden Torc and thought I would give it a try. I liked this one better than the Nightside series. Eddie was a strong, realistic character who went through some major changes in his world view, and I sympathized with him and stayed interested in his life throughout the story. Infamous witch Mollie Metcalf, who eventually becomes Eddie’s partner, was smart, funny, and talented too. It was nice to read an urban fantasy novel with a male leading character with a female “sidekick” (although Mollie would not like being referred to as a sidekick) and this was managed without any awkward or annoying romantic side plots. The plot was clear and stayed on track, the world-building was successful, and the characters were well-developed.

Short review, but good book. I give this book 4 stars out of 5 and recommend it to fans of the Jim Butcher’s Dresden Files, Mark Del Franco’s Connor Grey series, or Simon R. Green’s Nightside series. Happy reading!



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