Tempt the Stars by Karen Chance

This review will contain spoilers for the 5th book in the Cassandra Palmer series, Hunt the Moon. If you haven’t read it, don’t read this review!

For real, I’m about to reveal the ending of Hunt the Moon. Here it comes.

Hunt the Moon ended on this epic cliffhanger. Cassie was dying, and Pritkin used his demon powers to save her life. This violated Pritkin’s agreement with his demon-lord father Rosier, and he was immediately taken to the hell dimension, never allowed to return. This doesn’t fly with Cassie, who is furious that Pritkin sacrificed his freedom for her, and immediately shifts off to save him.

tempt the stars coverTempt the Stars picks up almost immediately where Hunt the Moon left off. Cassie is searching for a way to help Pritkin, only it’s tricky because she has no idea how to even get to hell. Cassie spends most of the book whining about missing Pritkin, and running around trying to find a way to save him. She even goes back in time and gets Pritkin to help her find her mother, the goddess Athena, in the past so she can save Pritkin in the future. Talk about confusing. It felt like this book kept leading up to something and never quite got there.

As usual with Cassandra Palmer novels, and actually all the Karen Chance, novels, this book was action-packed and never slowed down. There were some crazy new sorts of magic we hadn’t seen in this world before. And we finally got to meet Cassie’s father. The bad news was, Mircea was almost totally absent from this novel, except for this one weird fantasy shower sex scene. And (don’t hate me) as much as I like Pritkin, I am firmly in the Cassie-and-Mircea camp, especially after reading the Dorina Basarab novels. I really wanted to read more Cassie and Mircea together (and honestly, just more Mircea in general) and I was super disappointed that he was barely mentioned. And then, the ending of this book was no better than the ending of Hunt the Moon. It wasn’t even that I minded that it was sort of a cliffhanger, that’s pretty much to be expected from these books. But it felt like nothing changed from the ending of the last book. There was almost no point to this story at all, from my perspective. I liked it because it was a Cassie Palmer novel, but I didn’t like it because I almost got the feeling nothing happened.

Long wait for a disappointing book. I hope the next one, whenever it comes out, is better, and has more Mircea!

Happy reading,



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