Changeless by Gail Carriger

PrintNewly married, soulless preternatural Alexia Maccon is in the middle of another confusing and potentially deadly mystery. Randomly, and for no reason anyone can discern, all the supernaturals in London lost their supernatural abilities. Werewolves couldn’t change, vampires became mortal, ghosts disappeared permanently. Meanwhile, Alexia’s husband has disappeared, and appears to have gone to Scotland to visit his old Pack. Thinking her husband’s vanishing act and the mystery in London are connected, Alexia takes off after him on a dirigible with her obnoxious sister, friend Miss Hisselpenny (who knows nothing of Alexia’s soulless abilities) and inventor Madame Lefoux to find her husband and hopefully find out what has all the supernaturals in London in a tizzy.

Changeless is the second book in the Parasol Protectorate series that features Alexia Maccon as heroine. I actually liked this book much more than the first in the series. While I like Steampunk,  I sometimes find all the details about Victorian England to be tedious, like courtships and proper etiquette, but that’s just me. Since the first book was all about courting, I could sort of take it or leave it. This next book was more about the werewolves, vampires, and other supernatural creatures. I also enjoyed the addition of another female leading character, the inventor Madame Lefoux. I particularly enjoyed how everyone was always so bothered by the fact that she wore pants and dressed like a man (which made me cheer for her each time it was mentioned, haha…another word about skirts or corsets and I was going to explode). The plot was interesting and I wasn’t able to figure it out before the main characters. I had suspicions about who the villain was, but there were plenty of surprises when it came to that too.

I find Carriger’s world building somewhat unique, with a soulless preternatural who can cancel out the powers of the other supernaturals. This combines in an interesting way with the mechanics and inventions of the Steampunk aspects of the novel. I love all the intrigue and secret societies. While I am not super emotionally attached to Alexia, I do like the novels enough to want to read the next one and see what happens to Alexia next.

Happy reading,



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