Fate’s Edge by Ilona Andrews

Kalder Mar is a grifter, thief, and agent of the Mirror. He lives in Andrianglia along with his cousin Cerise Mar and her changeling husband William, who were offered sanctuary by the Mirror once they ended the fued between the Mars and another family in the Mire. Unfortunately, the feud managed to attract the attention of the Hand, Louisiana’s secret service. Kaldar hopes to gain his revenge against the Hand for the death of several of his family members by working for the Mirror. Kaldar’s skill as a negotiator, and when negotiating fails, a thief–make him the perfect agent to recover items stolen from the West Egyptians. It doesn’t sound like a difficult job until he meets Audrey Callahan. Audrey is a professional grifter, born into a family of con-artists and practicing her special magical talent to open any lock. Without realizing what she was getting herself into, she helped steal the items that Kaldar is trying to recover–items dangerous enough to start a magical war. Adding to her difficulties is Audrey’s terrible family: a drug addict brother who tried to sell her for drugs, a mother who disappeared, and a father who only cares about fixing his son. Audrey doesn’t want anything to do with the magical world, and certainly not with Kaldar. But they must work together to stop a disaster that will affect everyone.

FatesEdge coverFate’s Edge is the third book in husband-and-wife-team Ilona Andrew’s The Edge series. My favorite part of this book was definitely how involved Jack and George were in the story. We met Jack and George back in the first Edge novel, On the Edge. Jack is a changeling who can turn into a lynx at will, and doesn’t quite understand human emotions. George is a powerful necromancer struggling with being an “Edger” in the “Weird” where bloodlines and etiquette are everything. Scared that Jack will be sent away to a military school, Jack and George stow away on Kaldar’s wyvern when he leaves on his mission, and are forced to tag along since Kaldar cannot bring them home. Jack and George are so dynamic and interesting, and it’s so much fun to watch them grow up and learn about each other and life. They have tough lives and a strong bond as brothers. We have been waiting since we first met them to learn more about them, and I hope they have a large role in the next book as well.

I also liked the cameo appearance Cerise and William made in this novel. They were the heroes of the second Edge novel, Bayou Moon. I was very emotionally invested in their story, and was disappointed when I discovered they weren’t the main characters of the next book. I realize I haven’t really mentioned Kaldar and Audrey, the main characters of THIS book. This isn’t because I didn’t like them, but more because I just didn’t connect with them the same way I connected with Cerise and William. I did like Kaldar, but not so much Audrey. I can’t really say why, there wasn’t anything wrong with her, I just wasn’t emotionally invested in her life or problems. The plot was alright, and the enemies were the very special extra kind of evil Ilona Andrews reserves for the Hand in these Edge novels. But I was really reading this book more for the side characters than the main ones. We’ll see what happens in the next (and I think last?) Edge book.

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