Seawitch by Kat Richardson

seawitch coverThose strange shadows you see out of the corner of your eye; the floorboards that creak when no one is there; the face in the window you can’t be sure you saw–those are the things Harper Blaine lives with every day. She is a Greywalker, living in your regular, ordinary reality, but able to see beyond and into the Grey, where the things that go bump in the night are not just shadows in the corner of her eyes, they’re real, and most of the time, they’re out to get her.

Greywalker Harper Blaine is used to living with the odd and unexpected. So she’s not surprised when a new case lands on her both normal and paranormal private investigator’s desk. This case is about the Seawitch, a yacht that went sailing 27 years ago and disappeared with all hands lost–and it just now showed back up in the local marina, with no crew and no explanation as to where it’s been, how it got back, or what happened to the crew. Pools of blood are found in the “bedrooms” (please excuse my complete lack of any and all boat lingo), so it’s not just a matter for the insurance company, it’s a matter for the police too, and Harper is forced to team up with Detective Rey Solis. Harper and Solis have crossed paths before, and Harper knows he’s not a believer in anything otherworldly. Adding to that challenge is the Guardian Beast’s mysterious request that she investigate the Seawitch and “find the lost,” whatever that means. Nautical mystery, blood magic, and sea otters than transform into people-all in a day’s work for Harper Blaine.

I would like to start off by saying I am a huge fan of Kat Richardson’s work (and her blog!) and I simply love the Greywalker universe. I read a rather large pile of fantasy/urban fantasy/magic/paranormal books, and I’m always impressed when an author brings me what is (at least for me) a completely new take on how magic works/looks. Harper’s ability to see magic as colored light definitely strikes a chord with the artist in me (even if my art is music, not visual art) I think it’s just so cool. I’m also really glad I don’t have her job. Harper’s job, not the author’s.

Other things I really liked about Seawitch: As previously mentioned, my knowledge about boats ends somewhere around “they float…usually.” I was a little nervous about a magical boat story, but it turned out Richardson explained everything so nicely I was able to follow along without any trouble, and if she made it all up, I’ll never know. I also really enjoyed getting to know Detective Rey Solis better, and even being introduced to his family. He was a sideline character in the previous books, and always seemed while not necessarily an enemy of Harper’s, certainly not an ally. I enjoyed reading about Harper and Quinton’s interaction (for a long time, I was firmly entrenched in the Quinton-is-a-werewolf camp…it’s possible I am finally convinced he’s just a regular guy who knows about the Grey and is good with electronics. Maybe. If we do find out later he IS a werewolf, I will be prepared to say I-told-you-so). Anyway, I really like Quinton. He’s very down-to-earth and friendly and a nice balance to Harper’s not-always-friendliness: he keeps her out of trouble. There is still a whole lot about Quinton and his family we don’t know, or are just starting to learn in bits and pieces. I’m excited to learn more about him, his father, and both of their connections to the Grey and paranormal world. I did miss the Danzigers in this story (apologies if I spelled the name wrong, I can’t find it in my book at the moment). Ben and Mara are good friends to Harper and have a different take on magic and the Grey. They did have larger roles in previous books, so perhaps their time has temporarily passed, but I hope they make a reappearance soon.

Overall, I enjoy the Greywalker novels and I’m looking forward to reading more about Harper, Quinton, Detective Solis and the Danzigers in the next book!

Happy reading,



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