Heat Wave by Richard Castle

This blog post is alternately titled: Reasons why Nathan Fillion is FREAKING AWESOME.

heat wave coverHeat Wave is a fictional book written by a fictional character from a fictional TV show. If you aren’t a fan of the TV show Castle, well, first of all you should go watch it immediately. And also, you probably won’t be particularly impressed by this book. But that’s not the point. The point is, you can actually go buy and read the books TV star Richard Castle, played by the amazingly talented Nathan Fillion, is always talking about on the show Castle!! How cool is that? Are they written by Nathan Fillion? No. In fact, the true author is a closely guarded secret. But they’re fun all the same, and they read exactly like an episode of the show.

There’s nothing I can say to convince you to read this book if you don’t watch Castle. So instead I’m going to convince you to watch Castle, one of the best shows currently on TV. Castle is about famous crime novelist Richard Castle (played by the charming, funny, and ruggedly handsome Nathan Fillion) who meets detective Kate Beckett (played by the talented Stana Kanic) when someone starts murdering people the same way Castle murdered people in his books. Castle forces himself into Detective Beckett’s life and helps her solve the crime. Deciding this was more fun that he thought he could have surrounded by dead bodies, Castle gets permission from his friend the mayor to follow Detective Beckett around and learn more about her and her grisly job. And drive Beckett crazy while he’s at it. She becomes his muse for his next book series about Nikki Heat, a sexy New York City homicide detective.

castle and beckett

One of the (many) things that makes this show so much fun to watch is the banter, confusing emotions, and sexual tension between Castle and Beckett. I’m just dying to see them get together. (Note: I jumped on the Castle bandwagon a bit late, and have been catching up via Netflix. I am only halfway through season 3. No spoilers please!) seamus deverThe supporting cast is excellent as well, particularly Detectives Esposito and Ryan. It’s worth mentioning that Detective Ryan is played by Seamus Dever who has some of the prettiest blue Irish eyes I’ve ever seen. *dreamy sigh*

Another thing I love about this show is Castle’s teenage daughter Alexis, and actress-mother Martha who lives with them. I am certain if she was a real person, Alexis is someone I would be friends with. castle and alexis(And actually, I really missed Alexis and Martha in the book. It was almost exactly like an episode of the TV show, except they were missing, which was a bummer). The relationships and action between all these different characters is what really makes Castle fun to watch.

Alright, more about Nathan Fillion and his awesome-ness in a later post. I guess I should go back to reading now…

Happy Castle-watching,



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