Undead and Uneasy by MaryJanice Davidson

undead and uneasy coverThings are just not going Betsy’s way. Her wedding is getting closer, and her groom-to-be Sinclair is not being the least bit helpful. This may sound rough, but Betsy figures it’s all normal pre-wedding jitters. Until things start being everything but normal. Betsy’s father and the Ant (her step-mother who she hates) die in a freak car accident, and give Betsy legal guardianship of her infant half-brother. Her best friend is dying of cancer, and stuck in the hospital getting chemo right when Betsy needs her most. Her mother and half-sister Laura–who, by the way, is the Devil’s daughter–are not being remotely helpful. Tina, vampire friend and assistant, is in France trying to solve the problems with the European delegation. And then, Sinclair and her other roommates Antonia, Garret the Fiend, and Marc all mysteriously disappear. Betsy is all alone, and of course her troubles are only getting worse.

I like these cute, fluffy vampire books. I’ll admit, Betsy is not my favorite vampire character ever. (I’m sorry, I’m just not one of those girls who understands the shoe obsession. I like shoes from Payless that are comfortable to walk in. The one pair of shoes I have ever spent more than $50 on was fancy running sneakers. But hey. What do I know?) BUT the stories are cute and the “supporting cast” and their interaction with Betsy is hilarious. I don’t have a whole lot to say about this book, most of the Undead books are the same general story line. They are relaxing and fun to read and I can read them in a little more than a day. Not my favorite stories ever, but good when I need a break from thinking.

Happy reading,



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