The Iron Daughter by Julie Kagawa

iron daughter coverMeghan Chase has fulfilled her oath and returned to Faery. All is not sunshine and rainbows. She is a prisoner of the Winter Queen, who hates her; Prince Ash, who said he loved her, has betrayed her and insulted her in front of the entire court; she hasn’t seen Puck since they left him in that tree to heal; somehow her magic has disappeared and she feels lost without it; and finally, no one believes her when she swears the Iron Fey really do exist and are out to get everyone.

This sounds like a really excellent plot to a fantasy novel. And it is! The concept of the Iron Fey was one I really enjoyed, and thought was clever. BUT (you all knew the but was coming) the love story made me want to throw up. WARNING: SPOILERS AHEAD.

As we know from the end of the first book in the Iron Fey series, The Iron King, Meghan is desperately in love with Prince Ash, who has also professed his love for her. At the beginning of The Iron Daughter, Ash has abandoned Meghan and returned to his previous, murderous Winter Court ways. He even tells Meghan he is abandoning her and cannot be with her, him being Winter and her being Summer and all, AND he insults her intelligence in front of the entire Winter Court. Instead of reacting as any normal, self-respecting girl would and punching him in the face, Meghan refuses to believe Ash is telling her the truth and runs off  in tears, and continues to pine for him even after he repeatedly tells her “they” are just not going to happen. Then Puck–gorgeous, funny, friendly, gallant, Summer, and most definitely NOT evil Puck–re-enters the picture. He professes his own undying love for Meghan, tells her he will take care of her and wait for her, makes out with her, and the best Meghan can do is whine about being in love with two guys at once. Gah! Suddenly I wanted to punch Meghan in the face. Honestly? You’re still carrying a torch for Ash? After he tried to kill you for the second time? I would have run off with Puck many, many chapters ago if it were me. Teenagers! Haha.

To be fair, I should mention that I didn’t love the first book in this series either, and if I remember correctly I said I wasn’t going to read the second one, and I wasn’t…but it was available from my library as a downloadable e-book and I couldn’t get to the library for a “real” book, so I ended up with it. It was not terrible by any means, but the love story did get on my last nerve. Who knows if I’ll read the next one. Next on my to-read pile is a book called Alice in Zombieland which looks pretty good. Should be a nice follow-up to the cheesy Iron Daughter.

Happy reading,



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