Fire Study by Maria V. Snyder

Fire Study coverIt seems no matter what Yelena does she simply cannot get a moment to just study her magic. News of her Soulfinding abilities has spread throughout Sitia, and makes the citizens uncomfortable. Meanwhile, First Magician Roze Featherstone is trying to convince the Council that Yelena is dangerous and should be locked away. When Yelena catches wind of a plot to take over her homeland, she heads to the Plains to try to stop an enemy she thought she already defeated. Events spiral out of control–Yelena is outlawed in Sitia and must escape to Ixia and hope her friends there can help her fight the growing evil and save her homeland.

This novel is all about Yelena discovering who she is and learning to be comfortable with her magic. In the past two novels, she moved to a different location, met new people, and was reunited with her family. Everything about her external world changed. In this story, she faced internal struggle, trying to understand how to use her magic and facing her fears of becoming another corrupt master magician. Everyone she has met in the past two novels comes back, and her relationships with them become strained as Yelena’s fears make her believe she must push them away to protect them. Finally, by the end of the novel, Yelena discovers the truth about her powers and learns how to balance her different feelings and beliefs.

I enjoyed seeing all my favorite characters again in this book. Valek made an appearance, as well as Ari and Janco and the Ixian Commander. Yelena spent much of her time with her brother Lief and story weaver Moon Man who tried to help her in her quest for self-discovery. Opal even returned in this novel, and her addition to the story was an interesting one. I still love Yelena, and think she would be someone I would want to be friend’s with. She, and the rest of the characters in Snyder’s world, have become some of my favorites, and I will miss them now that the trilogy is over.

Happy reading,



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