Revenge of the Spellmans by Lisa Lutz

Revenge of the Spellmans coverIzzy Spellman is back, only things aren’t always as they used to be. She is taking a hiatus from her parent’s business while she is in therapy for getting “too close” to her last client. Izzy swears she is done with the private investigating business for good-until Milo cuts her bartending hours at the Philosopher’s Club while simultaneously introducing her to a friend who needs a good PI. She takes the case, but vows it will be her last. Meanwhile, Izzy is trying to figure out why she can’t sleep, can’t remember where she parked her car, and who exactly is blackmailing her.

Revenge of the Spellmans by Liza Lutz is the third installment in the Spellman Files, and my favorite book so far. In addition to the main storyline, which revolves around Izzy being hired to tail her client’s wife (which naturally turns into a much more interesting case than just finding out if the wife is having an affair) and trying to decide whether or not she wants to take over the family business, there is also the problem(s) with Detective Henry Stone. He has a new girlfriend that he is getting ready to move in with, and everyone but Izzy thinks Izzy should be more upset about this. Henry is also not speaking to Rae, causing all sorts of extra drama that no one knows how to handle. Her older brother David, the most “normal” Spellman, is acting suspicious. And finally, Morty, Izzy’s friend and octogenarian lawyer, is trying not to move to Florida with his wife, which somehow becomes Izzy’s problem.

I thought Izzy was much less whiny in this novel, which is probably why I liked it better than the last one. I also just love her interaction with all the different characters in these stories, and the wild antics of those other characters themselves. When Izzy finally discovers who is blackmailing her, even I was surprised! We also meet a new character, Conner, Milo’s black-Irish nephew who comes to take over the bar when he moves off to Arizona to meet the face behind his online romance. Like the other books in the Spellman Files, this book is full of humor, wild accusations, crazy stunts, lots of footnotes, and just general good fun. I am always entertained by these reads, and wish I could be friends with Izzy. Pick up the books in the Spellman Files (in order, that will help) if you want to have some fun along with Izzy and the Spellman gang!

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