Beautiful Chaos by Garcia and Stohl

Beautiful Chaos coverEthan and Lena are back home and back together; only, their happily ever after isn’t very happy. When Lena Claimed herself for both Light and Dark, she broke the Order, and everyone–even Mortals–is suffering. As winter nears, the heat in Gatlin only increases. Locusts have taken over the town. The ladies of the DAR are certain the end is coming, the Casters’ powers aren’t working properly, and no one knows how to fix the Order. Additionally, Ethan is not quite right. He’s forgetting things, like his phone number, and which hand he writes with. And Amma’s going dark. Even darker than ever before. Ethan needs to figure out how to fix the Order, and fast, but will he and Lena be able to hang on to a third happy ending?

Beautiful Chaos is the third book in the Caster Chronicles by Kami Garcia and Margaret Stohl. I liked this book more than the second one. There was more action, and less whining. I actually liked the new Linkubus and John Breed better than Ethan and Lena in this one. I thought Link was a great friend for Ethan, going right along with all the supernatural craziness without freaking out, even turning into an Incubus. Definitely my favorite character of the whole series. I liked the storyline in this one too. Strange (yes, even stranger than usual) things are happening in Gatlin. Abraham seemed extra evil, and we got to know Sarafine, his evil partner and Lena Dark’s mother, better in this book as well too. That was a fun twist.

I don’t want to say much more in this review. I will mention that this book has a CRAZY cliffhanger ending, and I actually began reading the 4th book immediately after finishing this one (lucky me to have them both out of the library at the same time). I can’t quite remember anymore which details go with which book and I don’t want to give anything away. So check out my soon to come review on Beautiful Redemption for the rest of my thoughts on the series!

Happy reading,



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