Fish Out of Water by MaryJanice Davidson

fish out of water coverFish Out of Water is the final book in MaryJanice Davidson’s Fred the Mermaid trilogy. This review will contain spoilers for the first two books, Sleeping with the Fishes and Swimming Without a Net.

The mermaids are out of the closet, but Fredrika Bimm’s life has not gotten any easier. As the world only hybrid (half human, half mermaid) she is the official “go-between” for the surface dwellers and Undersea Folk. Now, instead of just her striking green hair making her stand out in a crowd, everyone recognizes her as “that mermaid on TV.” In case this was not a big enough problem, Fred also has to deal with her best friend planning his wedding to her boss, a proposal from Artur, prince of the Undersea Folk, her conflicting feelings for both Artur and fellow marine biologist Thomas, and her mysterious father showing up in town at the worst possible moment. So much for Fred’s wish for a normal life.

I liked Davidson’s Fred the Mermaid series. This is the first mermaid fantasy novel I have read, and since I was young and impressionable when Disney released the Little Mermaid, of course mermaids have always been a romantic topic for me (Oh, Prince Eric and your big shaggy dog, *dreamy sigh* haha). I liked Davidson’s “revealing themselves to the world” story for the mermaids, and I enjoyed her humorous writing style as well. I thought Fred was a great leading lady, even though her bitchiness was annoying sometimes (much like Betsy from Davidson’s Undead series, without the shoe obsession). I liked the stunningly handsome and formal Prince Artur and the nerdy Romance novelist and brilliant scientist Thomas. Jonas, the metrosexual best friend was a nice touch too. The love triangle between Fred, Artur, and Thomas did not take over the series, and it was hard for the reader to pick a favorite between those two. As you can see, characters can really make or break a novel for me. All these of these books were light, quick, and funny reads. They would be good beach reads, and not just because they will make you scan the horizon for fins.

Happy reading,



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