Beautiful Darkness by Garcia and Stohl

beautiful darkness coverEthan Wate never thought he would miss the days when his life in Gatlin, Georgia was boring. Those were the days, before Lena Duchannes entered his life, and he learned there was another world out there, a Caster world, living right alongside his Mortal world. And just about everyone he knows is in on it.

Lena has survived her sixteenth moon without having to choose between Light and Dark, but she is falling apart anyway. She is overwhelmed with grief after her Uncle Macon’s death, and she still feels like she doesn’t know who she is or how she is supposed to behave. She pulls away from Ethan, and starts spending her time with a mysterious Caster boy John Breed. Ethan is afraid she is going dark. Then Lena disappears. Ethan doesn’t know where she has gone or if she wants him to find her, he just knows he can’t stop searching for her until he knows she is safe.

This book is the second installment in the Caster Chronicles by Kami Garcia and Margaret Stohl. It read a lot like Beautiful Creatures, although thankfully it covered only a few days instead of almost an entire school year. Though it was still slow at times, there was much more action and excitement in this book; I didn’t want to skip any pages. Ethan learns much more about the Caster world and his mother’s involvement in it in this novel, which was very interesting. Additionally we meet a new character, Liz, Keeper-in-training, who is working with Ethan’s Aunt Marian for the summer. Liz is smart, and helps Ethan figure things out in the Caster world. She was a nice addition to the story, and it was nice to read a female character that wasn’t moody and depressed all the time.

I enjoyed this novel more than Beautiful Creatures, it was faster paced and you learned much more about the world. I thought the ending was a bit cliched, and I could have lived without the mysterious cliffhanger about Ridley at the end, but I did like it and am looking forward to seeing where the authors take the story in the next book.

And now, for a spoiler-type rant. Seriously, BIG SPOILERS ahead. Please skip the rant if you haven’t read this book. There were times during this novel when I really wanted to smack Ethan. Lena was being such a jerk to him, and he had this lovely girl (Liz) right in front of him, and instead of being smart and giving up on Lena, he insisted on leading himself and his friends into danger to find Lena and “save” her, after she told him not to! Ugh. And then, the worst part, at the end of the story when he does find Lena, she falls desperately back in love with him, and they live happily ever after (at least until the next book) as though nothing bad happened between them. Which just makes perfect sense (she says very sarcastically). Yes, I’m still going to read the next book, I do like the stories and the Caster world. But I just had to get that out there. I can’t always handle books with stupid teens in them, haha.

Happy reading,



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