The Enchantress by Michael Scott

enchantress michael scott coverThe final battle has arrived. Sophie and Josh Newman have been transported back in time to the day Danu Talis falls. They are met there by their parents who turn out to be the Great Elders Isis and Osiris, the mysterious masters of Dr. John Dee. Sophie and Josh quickly discover that every part of their lives has been manipulated, not just the past week of craziness, and they have been brought here at this time to help Isis and Osiris take over the world.

Meanwhile, the mysterious hook-handed man, Marethyu (whose name means Death in the ancient language of Danu Talis) has brought Scathach, Joan of Arc, St. Germaine, Palamedes and Williams Shakespeare back in time as well to fight in the final battle on the side of the humani, who must survive the battle if they world as they know it is to exist.

Back in present day San Francisco, the Flamels are spending their final day alive on Alcatraz Island. Machiavelli and Billy the Kid have changed sides, and are now fighting alongside the Flamels, with the Elders Odin, Hel, and Mars as they fight to keep the monsters on Alcatraz from being sent to San Francisco to terrorize the people there. Prometheus and Niten the warrior are fighting in San Francisco as well, and are joined by Tsagaglalal, “She Who Watches” who we discovered was the twins Aunt Agnes, a woman who lived ten thousand years waiting for the twins of legend so she could protect them. In various times and places, all the heroes and villains we have met in the past five books, clash in huge battles that determine the fate of the world.

This book finally (finally!) answered the questions that had been plaguing me from the beginning of the novel. We learn the identity of everyone who’s identity we didn’t know, and some who we thought we did. The loose ends were tied up neatly and explained in a way that made sense and left the reader feeling mostly satisfied. I saw some things coming, but there were a few small surprises, most specifically with Virginia Dare. I think she turned out to be one of the most interesting characters, at least in this last book. I did think the epilogue was WAY too short, and if Scott was going to write an epilogue, he should have explained things in it much better, otherwise why bother? I would have preferred it not be there at all, since it was so quick and vague. Oh well. I also got a little confused at times during the novel with one chapter being present day and the next being 10,000 years ago, and back and forth and back and forth. Sometimes it was hard to remember which characters were in what time period, especially since some were in both! I thought that could have been done a little more clearly, but going back and forth so often also enhanced the suspense, so it wasn’t all bad.

Overall this was a good series, especially since I’m so in to mythology. It actually makes me want to go learn more about the mythology in the book that I did not know before reading. The writing got a bit annoying at times. I’m glad all the books in the series were published before I started reading. Some of those unanswered questions and cliffhangers between books would have killed me, haha. If I had to wait months for them, I’m not sure I would have bothered. I would recommend this series to teens who like mythology, suspense, and magic.

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One response to “The Enchantress by Michael Scott

  1. Mythology is amazing. I was inspired to write a poem about Odin this morning! Blessings!

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