The Necromancer by Michael Scott

necromancer michael scott coverSorry this review is being posted out of order. I wrote it awhile back, and apparently forgot to post it. Oh well. Better late than never!

The story of Sophie and Josh Newman continues in The Necromancer, the fourth installment in Michael Scott’s the Secrets of the Immortal Nicholas Flamel series. Sophie, Josh, Nicholas and Perenelle have finally returned to San Francisco, and Sophie and Josh are visiting their Aunt Agnes before they leave to try to have Josh trained in fire magic. This does not work out as hoped, when as they arrive at their Aunt’s, Aoife–twin sister to the missing Scathath–shows up demanding the twins help in finding her sister. Once again, Sophie and Josh’s lives spiral out of control from there.

I started typing this review, then realized it sounded almost identical to the review of the book before it before it and I stopped. This fourth book in the series is really just more of the same. Finally–finally–some exciting things happen towards the end of the book, but I don’t want to give those away. I really want this series to end. Well, I guess it would be more fair to say I really want this series to come to it’s conclusion, not “God, it should end because it’s sooo bad” more like “Can we please stop with all the suspense building and just have the final battle already?” It’s getting a little ridiculous. I realize all these things that are happening are probably very important and necessary; however, it would be nice if something ended or worked out or something ever, just for a little variety.

Things I did like about this book: Scatty, Joan, Williams Shakespeare, and St. Germain. They are definitely my favorite characters. They all come together, and then…things get interesting for them. The hook-handed man who has been casually mentioned in the first three books finally makes a real appearance and what he says when he turns up surprised even me. I’m interested to see how that branch of the story line turns out.

As much as I do want to know what happens next, I think I am going to take a little break before I read the next book in this series. Maybe then the next one won’t seem quite so much the same as the others.


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