Storm Glass by Maria V. Snyder

storm glass coverOpal Cowan is a young glassmaker and magician-in-training. She is in her fifth and final year at the Keep, where magicians train, and she is still being known as the One-Trick-Wonder, her only magical talent being the ability to make magical glass animals that allow other magicians to communicate over long distances. Then, due to Opal’s one gift, she is asked to help the Stormdancer Clan find out why their glass orbs that contain storms are shattering and killing magicians. Little does Opal know this seemingly short mission will drag her into a much larger conspiracy where Opal must learn to face past horrors, new magical powers, and the affection of a friend she has no feelings for, while dealing with her love for a stormdancer who barely acknowledges her existence.

I enjoyed Storm Glass, it was a light and entertaining read. I liked the world and was able to understand locations and get a general idea of magic worked in this world fairly quickly. Occasionally I thought it moved a little slowly, like when they were building the kiln in the Keep and finding helpers to keep it heated. I could have lived without that section. I liked Opal, she seemed strong to me, even when she was being indecisive. I guess I felt a bit of kinship with her, as people were always telling her she was too nice and too trusting, which is something I have heard said about me once or twice as well. I thought the two men involved in the “love triangle” were well-written as well. Ulrick, a fellow glassmaker with no magical power, was sweet and overprotective, with just a bit of a shadow around him that made the reader wonder if everything about him was as it seemed. Kade, a stormdancer, was fiery and had faith in Opal’s abilities almost from the start. Though he spurned Opal’s affections at first, I always got the impression those weren’t his true feelings for her. When I first read the approaching love triangle, I was worried it would become a focus of the plot. Other than Opal’s occasional conflicting thoughts, it really wasn’t, and I enjoyed that.

What I didn’t know when I started this novel was that Storm Glass is the first book in the Glass trilogy BUT the Glass trilogy is like a sequel to the Study trilogy. As I was reading Storm Glass, I kept feeling like I had missed a previous book, but Goodreads assured me Storm Glass was book one of the Glass trilogy. Eventually, I found Snyder’s website, and then everything made sense. I was a little bummed that I already know the ending of the Study trilogy, but I also want to read more about those characters, so I will go back and read it anyway before reading the sequel to Storm Glass.

This book was fun and a nice relief after the darkness of Days of Blood and Starlight. I’m looking forward to reading the other books by this author.

Happy reading,



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