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My boyfriend sent this article to me, as he knows me and my love for fantasy/sci-fi literature well. It was a great read and got me thinking about publishing, and genres, and all the wonderful things that have been happening with fantasy recently. Soon, there will be a “version” of fantasy for everyone. For example, this article’s author writes:

Lastly, and taking a really close look at our genre, fantasy seems to be changing at the grass roots level too. With the technology, the expansion of the global market, the ease of reaching new readers, AND so many new authors, the boundaries that define fantasy are being pushed outwards.

High fantasy. Classic fantasy. Epic fantasy. Urban fantasy. Dark fantasy. Science fantasy. Contemporary fantasy. Military fantasy. Historical fantasy. Mythical fantasy. Gritty fantasy. Western fantasy. Sword and sorcery. Steampunk. Alternate history. Weird fiction. Fantasy romance. Speculative fiction, and countless hybrids, crossovers, monsters, and abominations. I think my Wikipedia just exploded.

I hadn’t really thought about this explosion of genres before…well, at least until I started this blog and started trying to put the variety of books I read into categories (Ha!). But it’s great, I know I for one can never get enough fantasy reading, and I hope it doesn’t stop.

May harmony find you,



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