The Sorceress by Michael Scott

The Sorceress continues to follow the story of twins Sophie and Josh, who are running through Europe with famous and immortal alchemyst Nicholas Flamel as they try to escape the Dark Elders who want to use the twins’ power to take over the world. In this story, Sophie, Josh, and Nicholas have escaped Dr. John Dee, Magician and pawn of the Dark Elders, and fled to London. Nicholas hopes he can find someone in London to instruct the twins in Water Magic, and then they can finally return to America. Not having many allies in London, St. Germain finds someone to help Nicholas, and this immortal friend introduces the twins to none other than William Shakespeare, a former student to both Nicholas and Dee. Here, Sophie and Josh learn more about Nicholas’s history, both good and bad. Dee is still after them, and his Dark Elder masters are getting more desperate, releasing creatures that are even more dangerous then before to capture them.

Meanwhile, Nicholas’s wife Perenelle is still trying to escape Alcatraz. Machiavelli has been sent to Alcatraz along with Billy the Kid to kill Perenelle. Perenelle is weakening and aging without the elixir that keeps her immortal, and even her uneasy new alliance with the Crow goddess might not be enough to save her this time. She attempts to contact Scatach and Joan of Arc for help, but Joan is in France and may not make it to save her in time. Everyone is trying to get back to San Francisco and find each other before the Dark Elders start the final battle.

I liked this novel better than the second. Josh has finally been Awakened, and is no longer as jealous of Sophie. He has is own powers and fights alongside Sophie and Nicholas now, protecting Nicholas even though he still does not trust him. We also get to see Perenelle kick butt in this novel, which is fun. Machiavelli often remarks that she is mysterious, and she is mysterious even to the reader. We just know she is powerful and smart. The reader also learns for the first time that there are several Dark Elders, and they are not united in their support of Dee. We are introduced to more characters, both good and evil, sometime difficult to keep track of, but always interesting.

SMALL SPOILER ALERT: We finally find out for sure in this novel that Scatty is alive and well, although we don’t quite know if she defeated Dagon or ran away. Scatty and Joan answer Perenelle’s summons, and attempt to use a leygate to get to San Francisco, but through the machinations of Machiavelli end up in the right place, but the very wrong time. They are stuck in an age where dinosaurs are still walking this Earth. While I enjoyed seeing Scatty and Joan again, I did think this was a bit of a stretch. I was already getting a little lost when it came to the mythology in this novel, learning about creatures even older than the first Elders, etc. I thought Scatty and Joan getting stuck so far back in time was rather ridiculous, but that’s just me.

Aside from Scatty and Joan’s unusual predicament, I liked this novel. I do feel it’s beginning to get drug out a bit. It’s beginning to be a lot to take in to think all the events in the past three books have occurred over just six days or so. And while there have been plenty of battles, the big final battle hasn’t happened yet, and the plot seems to just be getting more complicated (dissension between the Dark Elders, former allies turning into enemies, new characters with complicated backstories) rather than moving towards any sort of resolution. I’m intrigued to see what will happen next and if anything will start being resolved.

Happy reading,



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