The Iron King by Julie Kagawa

Meghan Chase always thought she was just an ordinary teenager. She lives on a farm is the middle-of-nowhere Louisiana with her mother, step-father, and younger step-brother Ethan. She and her mother moved to Louisiana when she was only six years old, after her father disappeared. Her best friend is another teen named Robbie, and her biggest concerns are getting the attention of the hot school jock and preparing for her driver’s permit test. At least, they are her only worries until she comes home from school one day to find her brother Ethan has been kidnapped by the Fae and replaced with a changeling. She is even more surprised when she discovers that her best friend Robbie is really Robin Goodfellow, the mischievous fairie Puck right out of Shakespeare. Puck was sent by Meghan’s father Oberon (yes, the Oberon) to watch over her and keep her from ever finding out about Fairie, and her true heritage. But once Ethan is kidnapped, Meghan is determined to get him back, and Puck takes her into Fairie and on the adventure of a life time.

This was one of the those novels where I kept wondering if the main character had ever read a book. Like, any book. Honestly, who goes to Fairie and doesn’t know not to eat the food? Ugh. I thought this novel was rather predictable and Meghan kind of dumb. She kept ignoring the help everyone was trying to give her, and kept running off on her own and getting into trouble. I can’t remember if she was described as blonde, but she sure seemed like it. I also felt the “love story” between Meghan and Ash did not make any sense at all. They went from being enemies to being madly in love without anything in between. This was one of those books where I thought the author knew all the elements of a teen/fantasy/romance, but not how to make them interesting. The one cool thing about this book was the Iron Fey. That was a new idea I have never read before, and I thought it was a neat idea and well done. If my library has the second book in this series as a downloadable e-book, I’ll read it. If not, no big loss. I have way too many other exciting books on my to-read list.

Happy reading,



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