A Quick Bite by Lynsay Sands

A Quick Bite is your typical paranormal romance novel. Mortal man falls in love with vampire woman, how are they going to deal with their age difference, can they be in love, what are they doing to do?? etc. etc. All that was relatively normal and predictable.  What was not normal was how these particular vampires came into existence-and that was both the best and worst part of this book.

Lissianna is a 200-year-old vampire who faints at the sight of blood. Greg is a psychologist specializing in phobias who Lissianna’s mother kidnaps to help Lissi get over her life (un-death?) altering phobia. Despite their rather vast differences, they fall in love almost as soon as they lay eyes on each other, and spend the rest of the novel realizing and admitting this to each other. Lissi wrestles with whether or not to turn Greg so she can be with him forever, Greg wrestles with whether or not he can give up his family and mortal existence to be with Lissi (although, it is one of the shortest “agonizing decisions” I have ever read). The kicker comes when Greg asks Lissi how these vampires came to be and her answer starts with “Well, you’ve heard of Atlantis, right?”

Wait, what? Atlantis? For reals?! Yeah I was pretty surprised when I first saw that Lynsay Sands was going to try to work Atlantis into her paranormal romance novel. But it got better. Before this particular version of Atlantis sank beneath the ocean, they had advanced technology…like, more advanced than we have now, like NANOTECHNOLOGY that can be inserted into the blood, fight disease/sickness/everything-that-can-harm-the-body and essentially make you immortal. But it feeds on your blood, so you need to drink the blood of others to survive. Because that’s advanced. *sigh* I guess it’s clear I was not a big fan of this plot point. Yes, it is original. Lynsay Sands gets props for that, I was impressed, I would never have thought of something like that. But I just couldn’t buy it. Nanotechnology from Atlantis caused immortal but not-remotely-evil vampires? Nope, not going to work for me. It could only have been worse if the vampires also sparkled *shudders*. Greg and Lissi were alright, and the plot was mildly interesting. I just couldn’t get over this Atlantis thing. I won’t be picking up any more Lynsay Sands novels.
Hopefully my next book choice will be better. Happy reading!



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