The Spellman Files by Lisa Lutz

I read this book on the recommendation of a friend…and by recommendation, I mean as we were getting ready to check out at the local library, she put it on top of my already enormous pile of books, and said “Read this one.” Lucky for her it turned out to be great!
Isabel ” Izzy” Spellman is a young lady and employee of Spellman’s Investigations, her family’s private investigator firm. In fact, every Spellman (with the exception of Izzy’s perfect older brother and lawyer, David) is a member of the firm, including Izzy’s much younger sister Rae, and Uncle Ray the gambling-alcoholic, who likes to disappear for several days whenever the mood strikes him. Izzy has been part of the family business since she was old enough to walk and follow someone while on surveillance. But once her parents order her sister to follow her to learn the identity of her new boyfriend, Izzy decides enough is enough and wants to leave the family business. Turns out this is not as easy as she had hoped.
I really enjoyed the writing style of this book. It was fun the be in the mind of Izzy, she had a unique take on the world. I especially enjoyed her list of ex-boyfriends, which included information like name, age, occupation, hobby, duration of relationship, and last words (my favorite last words being “our relationship is a threat to my sobriety”). At times this book was laugh out loud funny, at other times surprising, and it really made you sympathize and connect with Izzy. After all, we may not have parents that hire our siblings to follow us to find out details of our personal life (at least, I don’t think my parents ever did that to me…hmmm…) but we all have crazy family members (yeah, I definitely have one of those). Overall, an enjoyable read.

Happy reading,



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